For Retailers

Your customers want a better way to pay.

Installment payment option for the products they love.
Even without a credit card!

Installment Payment
Boost your Sales

The most preferred payment method by millennials. Only 18% of the adults in Malaysia hold a credit card. We provide shoppers an alternative to credit and the freedom to buy now and pay later via installments. Interest-free!

Sign Up

Shoppers select DokkuPay at checkout and fill out a short form to get an instant approval.


We pay the retailer the full amount upfront so they can ship orders out right away.

Pay Over Time

We split the total amount of the order into 3 equal installments, every 30 days.

0% Interest

DokkuPay is always zero interest, and there are never additional fees when shoppers pay on time.


Converting new customers to our partners via our marketing channels.

Bigger Carts,
Higher Sales

Increase your average order size with our installment payment option.

Risk Is On Us!

We take on credit and fraud risk and pay merchants upfront, while customers pay over time via installments.

Seamless Integration

Reach out to us for integration and technical support to help you get up and running!